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Dynamic Dilution Calibrator

Dynamic Dilution Calibrator

Vasthi multi-gas calibrator utilizes mass flow controller to perform standard zero and span calibration with up to 4 gas sources.
Key Features:
• Stable trace level ozone output down to 0.1 ppm
• Optional ozone generator, gas phase titration and photometer for independent ozone calibration
• User selectable output include RS232 and Ethernet
• High performance mass flow controller provides stable and linearized output

Technical Data:
Dilution System Flow Measurement Accuracy ± 1%F.S.
Repeatability ± 0.2%F.S.
Linearity ± 0.5%F.S.
Response Time < 60s (T98)
Flow Range of Dilution Air 0~5 SLPM, 0~10 SLPM, 0~20 SLPM
Flow Range of Cylinder Gases 0~50 cc/min, 0~100 cc/min, 0~200 cc/min
Calibration Gas Input Ports 4
Diluent Gas Input Ports 1
Ozone Generator(Optional) Output 0.1~6 ppm
Stability (7 days) ± 1%
UV Photometer(Optional) Range 0~100 ppb to 0~10 ppm (Selectable)
Precision 1 ppb
Linearity ± 1%F.S.
Rise/Fall Time < 20s (photometer response)
Response Time < 180s (T98)
Zero Drift (7 days) 1 ppb
Physical and Communication Power Requirement 100~240 VAC, 45~55 Hz

Operating Temperature 5~40°C
Communication RS232, RS485, Ethernet

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